How to Fix Wi-Fi won't turn on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10

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asked Jan 5, 2017 by anonymous
How to Fix Wi-Fi won't turn on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10?

How to Fix Wi-Fi won't turn on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10?

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answered Jan 5, 2017 by anonymous

Wi-Fi is not activated Android - Solution

There is a problem that happens very often in Android devices and is that Wi-Fi is not activated, these drawbacks can be due to many causes and the solution to these drawbacks depends on the cause of the problem, however, most These problems are solved by activating Wi-Fi from Settings-> Wi-Fi and not from settings directly.

With this I mean not activate the Wi-Fi from outside, but first entering the wireless configuration and then activate the Wi-Fi from there, wait a while to activate, this can take a maximum of about 1 minute and then The Wi-Fi should be enabled:

As you can see in the previous screenshot I show two screenshots, as you can see from Settings you can activate Wi-Fi without having to go elsewhere, just selecting the button that is on Wi-Fi, but I do not do it from there , Because when I try to activate it from that part is not activated and I have to restart the mobile, then to avoid that inconvenience I enter Wi-Fi and then from there the active, then wait for it to activate.

Normally it takes less than 1 minute to activate, if it is not already active you will have to try restarting the device and if it still does not activate you will have to try to restore it from the factory and if the problem persists it is possible that your computer has a physical problem.

If your drawback is that the Wi-Fi button appears disabled, the problem may be related to some application that is installed on your device.

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