How to fix the Google Play connection error on Zte Grand S

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asked Dec 2, 2016 by anonymous
How to fix the Google Play connection error on Zte Grand S

How to fix the Google Play connection error on Zte Grand S

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answered Dec 2, 2016 by anonymous

How to fix the Google Play connection error on Zte Grand S?

In the past I wrote several articles about Google Play Store issues that hurt many users; The first one referred to "error 920", the second referred to "error 403", which affect the downloads of both new applications and updates. However; New errors have recently been reported; One of which relates to Google Play's inability to connect to the network in order to execute the store's own actions.
As I have always said, I have been very fortunate since I have not had to deal with any of these uncomfortable problems so far. But that's no excuse to ignore the plight of those readers who are now suffering from "Google Play connection error."

So, after investigating and consulting several experts on the problem, I find many hypotheses in this regard among which stand out these:

  • A cache error in the application store data and / or an overload in the store service,
  • Location constraints (by country) for downloading certain applications,
  • Problems with the proxy or the VPN,
  • Absence of internet (WiFi or mobile data).

Certainly it is difficult to determine a single cause; Therefore, it is very possible that there is not only one way to solve the problem. Due to the above, here are different ways to find a solution so that you can continue to enjoy the system as if nothing had happened:

Option 1

Clear the Google Play Store cache and app data. For this it is due:

  • Go to the setup menu,
  • Click the General tab,
  • Go to Apps icon,
  • Find the Google Play Store in the list and click on it,
  • Force the application to stop working,
  • Clear app cache

If the above does not work, you should uninstall Google Play updates on that same screen. If the problem persists, you should proceed to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Option 2

Often having outdated "Date and Time" indicators can lead to problems with the Google Play Store; Therefore, it is advisable to do the following:

  • Go to the setup menu,
  • Click the General tab,
  • Go to the Date and Time icon,
  • Set the "Automatic date and time"

Option 3

But if the problem is not connection but Proxy, it is worth checking that the connection options are appropriate, To do so you must:

  • Go to the setup menu,
  • Click the Networks tab,
  • Go to the "Connections and Networks" option,
  • If you are not in a corporate network, remove the VPN options and configure them again.

Option 4

If none of the above seems to work, it is best to restore the terminal to factory settings as follows:

  • Go to the setup menu,
  • Click the General tab,
  • Go to the "Backup and Restore" icon,
  • Click "Restore Factory Data".

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